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Top 5 brands for Badminton Rackets

Choosing your badminton racket is an experience. We bring you the list of the Top 5 brands for badminton rackets that will help you save time as well as give yourself an edge on the court.

Last updated: 11.05.2022
top brands for Badminton Rackets

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Choosing your badminton racket is an experience. With such an expansive range of rackets out there, it can be taxing to determine which brand to buy from. Moreover, there are so many factors to be considered before buying a badminton racket namely your preferred grip size, racket weight, string tension and racket flexibility.

Below is a rundown on the best badminton racket brands used by professional players. The significance for opting for a racket used by the pros is because they scrutinize upon the details and quality of the equipment. This list of the Top 5 brands for badminton rackets will help you save time as well as give yourself an edge on the court.



1. Yonex

As you must have already guessed, Yonex is one of the most renowned brands among professionals and beginners - and for good reason.

In 1957, this Japanese firm began producing badminton rackets. They created the first ultra- lightweight badminton racket, the Carbonex 8, in 1980. Besides that, they've been a world leader in their newest technologies on several occasions. They currently have nanometric technology that allows carbon fibres to be connected more closer together without any gaps. This innovation provides you with a racket structure that is both sturdy and lightweight.

Some of the best rackets made by this brand in today's day and age include:


a) Duora Z-Strike: This racket utilises the aero frame technology, thereby helping your forehand and backhand shots to travel at a supersonic speed.


b) Astrox 99: With its solid-feel core that decreases sensations in your hand, and its isometric head, this racket series is the perfect option.


c) Arcsaber 11: This is one of the most popular rackets amongst top athletes. It's so well liked especially because of the accuracy and control it provides and also the maximum flexibility of the racket head made with carbon nanotubes.


2. Li Ning


Originally developed by an Olympic gymnast from China in order to provide a brand name to the clothing for Chinese athletes at the Olympics, Li Ning is one of the most popular brands for badminton rackets. With a multitude of research and hard work, this company has tapped into the industry of high-quality equipment. Li Ning is known to be the company that makes the "most aerodynamic rackets possible".

A few examples of their best selling and most loved badminton rackets are:


a) Aeronaut 9000: This racket comes along with an air-stream channel on the racket head in order to reduce the effect of air resistance. Due to this sound technology, professionals are able to maintain accuracy and control with cutting down on their power.


b) 3D Calibar 900 Drive: Made for players who strategically switch from offensive to defensive play, this racket is one of the most well conceptualised equipment. It has the nanotechnology for close fitting carbon fibres and a stabilised torsion angle, that allows the shuttlecock to travel across the other side of the court even if it doesn't hit the sweet spot.

3. Victor

Victor first began manufacturing badminton rackets in the year 1968 in Taiwan. Although, it isn't as well recognised as the other two brands mentioned above, this brand makes the use of some of the best technology on the market and takes pride in the numerous and extensive field researchers they conduct.

Here are the names of a few of the most phenomenal rackets they have manufactured till date:

a) Victor TK-F C: Mainly for offensive players, this racket is built with an anti-torsion technology that allows for fast-moving, accurate and aggressive play.

b) Victor Jetspeed S 12: With a lighter head and heavier shaft, this racket designed by Victor is perfect for maintaining speed, power and net attacks.   


4. Artengo

Ranking as the fourth best brand to buy badminton rackets from, Artengo is a brand curated by the world-famous Decathlon. The main benefits of buying rackets from this brand is that they are durable, perfect for beginners and most importantly budget friendly. Although, they aren't as light in weight as the other brands, Artengo rackets are built to survive any hit or clash.

One of their most supreme rackets is:


a) Artengo BR 750: This aluminum badminton racket is perfect for beginners as well as drop shots and smashes. Weighing about 93 grams, this racket is made to survive a little more even after clashing. Buying this affordable and durable racket would be a smart and sound choice.


5. Carlton


This British sports brand started manufacturing badminton rackets first in the year 1946. All the Carlton rackets are long-lasting and affordable, just like Artengo. Buying rackets from this brand is a safe bet, as if we talk about its achievements, the Olympic medallist Nathan Robertson also uses Carlton products in his every match.


One of the most well-liked Carlton badminton rackets is:


a) Carlton Isoblade 1.0: This graphite badminton racquet is lightweight and flexible, weighing around 81 grams. It has an Aero-Isometric Frame, and a heavy head base that make it as durable as the Artengo rackets. Millions of people use Carlton badminton rackets because of their durability.

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