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How can AEW make All In into their WrestleMania?

Let’s look at how AEW can make All In into their WrestleMania. AEW can make All In into their WrestleMania but it will take years of effort and planning to do it.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 08.11.2023
AEW All in and WrestleMania 

It is clear that All In is the biggest show of the year for AEW. This is the only show that they do from a big stadium and are willing to do the same every year. For the time being they are doing this show every year from Wembley stadium in London where this year more than 80,000 fans were in attendance. AEW can make All In into their WrestleMania but it will take years of effort and planning to do it. AEW is in a very interesting place now where the fans are not happy with the current product. 

Let’s look at how AEW can make All In into their WrestleMania

All In can be the Gold Standard for AEW

All In is the first big event that the group or wrestlers who were not in WWE did and it happened 5 years ago. The response was wild and more than 10,000 tickets were sold by Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and the others. All In became the antithesis to WWE and every wrestler gave it their all. It has been a yearly tradition for them and more than 10,000 fans have been attending the shows. Tony Khan knows that All In should be the biggest show of the year for them. He has created All Out which is the follow up Shue to the big one. This year Tony Khan took a gamble and decided that All In will be held at the iconic Wembley stadium in London. He was hoping that his decision would pay off and pay off it did in the biggest way possible as more than 82,000 fans bought tickets which is the record for any wrestling show in history.

AEW All In was a success but that show also led to the ouster of CM Punk from AEW permanently. That left a dark shadow on the entire show. Tony Khan fired CM Punk and ever since AEW has been in a mess and now by bringing in Ric Flair, they have angered the fans even more. All In can become their WrestleMania but it needs planning. For example Tony Khan has to have All In at the major stadiums in the United States to see if they sell out completely like WrestleMania does so quickly. Wembley stadium can only hold so many All In shows before it loses its value. They also have to make All In a weekly event where they have a superstore with all the merchandise and multiple wrestlers meet and greets. AEW has to make sure that all the independent wrestling promotions come to town. 

All In needs to be an event that the cities that host that event bid to get these rights like it happens with WrestleMania. Tony Khan needs to plan the event years in advance and get the biggest celebrities in the area a part of the event. He has to get all the media from the world to cover this event and AEW has to promote the event all over the place like WWE does with WrestleMania. Triple H has made WrestleMania bigger and the tickets sell out weeks in advance. Tony Khan also has to be at the top of his creative game and build stories that conclude at All In which the fans are invested in like The Bloodline storyline is for WWE. WrestleMania is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and everyone around the world knows about it. Similarly AEW has to make sure that All In becomes famous worldwide and not just the hardcore wrestling fans in London.

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