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What are the qualities that make Carlos Alcaraz such a special player?

Carlos Alcaraz is the new superstar in world tennis and he put a stamp on that when he beat Novak Djokovic in the Men’s Singles Wimbledon Final on Sunday. Here we look at what are the qualities that make him such a special player.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 22.08.2023
What are the qualities that make Carlos Alcaraz such a special player

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Carlos Alcaraz is the new superstar in world tennis and he put a stamp on that when he beat Novak Djokovic in the final of the Men’s Singles Wimbledon Final on Sunday. It was a thrilling and one of the best finals in Wimbledon history and Novak Djokovic texted the young Carlos Alcaraz throughout the match but the young player from Spain Matched him shot for shot and rally for rally. It was a special match to watch and all the big celebrities that were in attendance got to witness an all time classic.

After the result of Carlos Alcaraz beating Novak Djokovic after 10 years plus at center court the question has to be asked as to how he is such a special player so young. 

Let’s talk about it:


He has all the shots in the book

There are very few tennis players that have all the shots in tennis but there are even fewer players that know what shot to play at which time in the match and this is where the young Carlos Alcaraz comes into the picture because not only does he have all the shots but he knows when to play which shot. For example he knew when to play the forehand and when to switch to the backhand and when he should hit the drop shot or the volley. Carlos Alcaraz showed all the tricks in his book in that final and he did to Novak Djokovic what Novak does to his opponents. This shot making ability and the maturity to know what stroke to play when will win him a lot of Grand Slams.

He is a fast learner and he gets better instantly

One more amazing Quality about the young man is that he knows when he has committed a mistake and almost instantly he knows what he must do to correct them and not repeat them again. For example during the French Open Semi Final he got injured and he was beaten by Novak Djokovic and that was a big wake up call for him and after that he started working on his leg and he came to Wimbledon a much better player and he did not repeat the same mistake in the final and he was mentally very strong and he ran the full 5 hours with Novak Djokovic. And he got so better at grass in 1 year that he beat the greatest of all time. This kid has a bright future in tennis.

His determination and never give up attitude

It is one thing to have the skills to play Tennis which almost all the Top players have or else they would not have played Grand Slams or reached the finals. However the most important part is the determination that they have to win every match that they are in and what they are willing to do to win staying within the rules of the match. Carlos Alcaraz is different from his young peers because he has an insane level of determination in him he is ready to go to war to win the match and many times in matches other players would give up when Novak Djokovic is in Cruise control but not Carlos Alcaraz because he was ready to not give up and this never give up attitude has made him a 2 time Grand Slam Champion.

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