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List of all WWE wrestlers from India

Numerous Indian wrestlers came to WWE and made their titles. Check out here the list of all Indian wrestlers included in WWE.

Last updated: 28.08.2021
List of all WWE wrestlers from India

WWE could be a worldwide sports company and it had featured wrestlers from more than 50 nations within the world. Numerous Indian wrestlers came to WWE and made their titles. Here is the list of all Indian wrestlers included in WWE. (List does not incorporate any wrestler from other American or Japanese wrestling companies).


The Great Khali

The title “The Great Khali” is the most celebrated Indian wrestler in WWE. Khali didn’t require any presentation. At his crest, he was one of the foremost perilous wrestlers on the WWE list. On his vital make a big appearance, he assaulted the Undertaker and built up himself as a creature in WWE. When Khali was on his top, no other WWE Indian wrestler was on the roster.

Khali was not only popular in India but other nations as well. His quarrel with John Cena and The Undertaker was a paramount one. As of now, he is working with his claim wrestling advancement CWE (Mainland Wrestling Amusement) in India.


Jinder Mahal

Once Jinder Mahal was a portion of comedic gather 3MB and after that he made a alter in his character. He made a dream physical make-up of himself and awe WWE authorities. It brought about a WWE return and a long WWE Championship time for him. He won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton at the Backfire pay-per-view.

Jinder Mahal’s uncle Gama Singh was also a prevalent wrestler within the 80s. He is one of the best heels of the SmackDown Live brand.


Kavita Devi

Kavita Devi could be a gifted female wrestler who worked in many autonomous advancements. She took a portion of the Mae Young classic in 2017 and 2018. Tragically, she was disposed of in the first round in both competitions. In 2017, she was eliminated by Dakota Kai and in 2018, she was eliminated by Kaitlyn.

However, she made her appearance on the most list straightforwardly from WrestleMania 34 where she took a portion in Women’s Fight Regal. She too wrestled in Khali’s advancement CWE in India.


Tiger Ali Singh

Tiger Ali Singh was not so popular wrestler in WWE. He for the most part took portions in brief matches and worked in appears like Saturday Night Warm in WWE. After he cleared out the company, he filled a badgering case against WWE and both parties settled up things in court afterward on.


Jeet Rama

Jeet Rama makes a big appearance in WWE at a Live Event appear in New Delhi, India. After awing WWE authorities, he began preparing in Execution Center. Right now, he is wrestling in NXT Live occasion and prepared to form a tv make a big appearance in close future.


The Singh Brothers

Singh Brothers is an Indo-Canadian wrestling tag group. They are a portion of WWE with the ring names Samir Singh and Sunil Singh. Singh Brothers helped Jinder Mahal to win the WWE Championship from Randy Orton. They moreover helped Mahal to guard his championship against wrestlers like Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles.

 Singh brothers took an interest in WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic competition and Dusty Rhodes Tag Group Classic competition.


Gama Singh

Gama Singh was a prevalent superstar from the 80s. From 1980 to 1986, he wrestled in WWF (ancient adaptation of WWE). He too wrestled for numerous advancements and universally. He is semi-retired right presently and marked a contract with Affect Wrestling in 2018.


Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar

Rinku Singh and Saurav Gurjar debuted in WWE beneath NXT brand on 25th March 2020. They were presented in NXT by Malcolm Bivens. They assaulted one-half of NXT Tag Group champions Matt Conundrum amid the main event of the night.

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