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Top 5 Best Edge WrestleMania Matches

Edge has had a lot of Matches at WrestleMania and most of his matches have been great. Here we look at the top 5 best edge wrestlemania matches.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 18.03.2022
Top 5 Best Edge WrestleMania Matches

We have been discussing the history of WrestleMania with lots of various articles about different topics and today we have another great one as we will talk about the best WrestleMania matches of Edge as he is one of the biggest legends in WWE History and he was retired for 10 years and he came back in 2020 and has since had Two WrestleMania Matches and one of them is on our list. He has only gotten better and better with age and experience.

Edge has had a lot of Matches at WrestleMania and most of his matches have been great and they could easily make the Top 5 of this list but we can choose only 5 so a few great Matches will be left from this list. So , let’s look at the Top 5 Best Edge WrestleMania Matches

Edge vs The Undertaker (WrestleMania 24)

This match is one of the best matches not only for Edge but in the streak of matches that the Undertaker had at WrestleMania. This was the First time Edge was main eventing a WrestleMania and he could not asked for a better ring partner. They both were on their A game that night and beat each other up pretty bad with Edge finding new ways of winning the match and The Undertaker found ways of not losing the match. It was a long match but it only got better as the match went along and at one time it looked that the streak was over but in the end Hells Gate was applied and Edge had no choice but to tap out and thus the WrestleMania streak of the Undertaker was alive.

Triple Threat TLC Match (WrestleMania 17)

This match is still the greatest TLC match of all time and it happened 21 years ago and this match was the best tag team match as well and all the six wrestlers put their bodies on the line to steal the show and get in the history books forever. This match was a treat for all the fans and Edge was phenomenal in this match and one spot in this match stands out even today and it was Edge spearing Jeff Hardy from the top of the ladder in half and this match is a case study for all the tag teams and for everyone who has a TLC match that how to put on the best show possible. A truly incredible match for the ages.

Edge vs Mick Foley (WrestleMania 22)

This match is one of the best Hardcore matches in WWE History as both these superstars were known to give it their all in every match and they made sure that this match would be memorable for all the fans for a long period of time. Mick Foley was in his last stand and he wanted to have a last great WrestleMania match and Edge Gabe it to him because this was a brutal match in which they went to deep lengths to destroy each other and the spot of Edge spearing Mick Foley through the flaming table is still one of the most memorable WrestleMania moments.

Edge vs Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns (WrestleMania 37)

The main event of last year’s WrestleMania is one of the best triple Threat main events in WrestleMania history and all these three were elite performers and they made they had a match that will be talked about by fans for years to come. This was a dream match as all these three had to overcome a real life serious health situation and for them to main event WrestleMania is awesome. They had an incredible match and all the three wrestlers had amazing chemistry and stole the show that night and Edge was in sublime form even at this age shows how great he truly is.

Money in the bank Ladder match (WrestleMania 21)

A brand new match concept and pressure on the wrestlers to make it memorable and they did exactly that and Edge was the star of the show. This match was so memorable that they used to have this match at every WrestleMania following that and now it is its own separate PPV event and a very successful one at that and all the credit for that goes to the superstars who were involved in the first money in the bank Ladder match.

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