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Indian Men’s Hockey Team Preview for Commonwealth Games 2022

Here take a look at the Indian Men’s Hockey Team Preview for Commonwealth Games 2022. India is almost sure of getting a medal at these games.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 27.07.2022
Indian Mens Hockey Team Preview for Commonwealth Games 2022

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After doing the preview for the Cricket team for the Commonwealth Games it is now time to talk about the 2 Hockey teams from India that will be participating in these Games and first we will talk about the Olympic Bronze Medal winning Men’s team and this team is stacked with talent and they will be looking to win the Gold Medal in these Games. The Indian team is very strong and we will talk about all the members below.

Since the Olympics last year the fans have not got the chance to see the Indian Men’s hockey team play live and these players will be looking to show the fans and their opponents that the Olympics was not a one time thing and they can do this all the time. So, let’s preview the Indian Men’s Hockey Team for CWG 2022.

PR Sreejesh – Goalkeeper


PR Sreejesh will be the goalkeeper for India yet again like he has been for more than 15 years and last year he was the hero for India in that crucial match against Germany so he will be raring to go in these Commonwealth Games.

Krishna Bahadur Pathak – Goalkeeper

He will be the stand in Goalkeeper for India in this tournament in case anything happens to Sreejesh and he will hope that Sreejesh can play the entire tournament because that will be best for India.

Varun Kumar – Defender

Varun Kumar is one of the best defenders in the world and he will be looking to defend against the attacks of the opponent and try to not concede goals in this tournament.

Surender Kumar – Defender

Just like Varun, Surender is also a very efficient defender who does not allow the opposition attacker to get past him and he will be looking to do the sane thing at the CWG for India.

Harmanpreet Singh – Defender

The vice captain of the team and one of the backbones of Team India and he will be looking to give his all for India and get another Global medal and etch his name in history.

Amit Rohidas – Defender

This is a name that all India fans will know if and his outstanding defending in the Olympics last year and he became a household name and he would want to repeat the same heroics here as well.

Jugraj Singh – Defender

I don’t think he will get to play the matches but he will always be ready as a stand by if needed at anytime. He would hope to get game time but not at the cost of injury to another defenders.

Jarmanpreet Singh – Defender

The last of the defenders for India at these Games and he also will be a stand-by and hoping for an opportunity but he would first hope that India qualify for the next stage first.

Manpreet Singh – Captain

The captain of the team is the most important midfielder because he is the one who provides the passes to the forwards then they score goajs and he is an attacking midfielder.

Hardik Singh – Midfielder

Yet another crucial midfielder for India who gives the long passes to the forwards from tricky situations and he is the one who goes round the opponents and keeps the attack going. He would look to do the same in this tournament as well.

Vivek Sagar Prasad – Midfielder

Our defensive midfielder is here in Vivek Sagar Prasad because all midfielders cannot be attacking in nature and he protects his defenders as much as possible and he would look to protect them in this games too.

Shamsher Singh – Midfielder

He is someone who might not get to play a lot if matches and he will he the standby midfielder and will look to contribute to the team when the opportunity arrives.

Akashdeep Singh – Midfielder

Yet another crucial midfielder in the Indian team and he was excellent as well in the Olympics last year and he will look to do the exact same things like he did last year for India.

Nilakanta Sharma – Midfielder

He is also one of those players that might not get a lot of game time but he will be raring to go like all the other standby players whenever they get the opportunity to play for the nation.

Mandeep Singh – Forward

Now we come to the goal scorers and Mandeep Singh will be one of the most important players in the team because he will need to score a lot of goals from the open play as well from the penalty corners.

Gurjant Singh – Forward

He will be also one of the important forwards in this team and he will look to team up with Mandeep and score a lot of goals for India at CWG 2022.

Lalit Kumar Upadhyay – Forward

He is also a name that a lot of hockey fans know if from the Olympics last year as he scored a lot of goals in the tournament and he will look to replicate the same performance in the Commonwealth Games coming up.

Abhishek – Forward

He will be the standby forward for the Indian team and he will roaring the rest of his team on from the sidelines and will be looking to make it count whenever given the opportunity in this tournament.

Chances for India

India is almost sure of getting a medal at these games and they will have to play very badly to not get one and if they play at their best level then they will fight for the Gold Medal as well and all Indians will love to see Gold in our boys.

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