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Top 5  Must Read Autobiographies and Biographies on Tennis

Here in this article check out the list of top 5 must read tennis autobiographies. These stories of tennis players will make every tennis fan inspire.

Last updated: 30.04.2021
Must Read Biographies on Tennis

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Here in this article check out the list of top 5 must read tennis autobiographies. These stories of tennis players will make every tennis fan inspire.

1. Open by Andre Agassi

This book tells us the story of a player who hated the sport that he played. Former World No. 1 Andre Agassi actually hated the sport, and was forced into playing it. He tells his story in an outstanding manner and those who wish to inculcate the aces strengths should read this book. It gives us an insight into the modern day world of tennis, how he achieved his dream of being an Olympic champion which was also his father’s dream, and his other personal and private struggles off court. Agassi famously dealt with an addiction to crystal meth while active on the circuit covered up at the time, he has gone on to describe it as one of his major struggles.


Open suggests to people they should think and be the person they want to be. He also writes about how he loved to spread education around the world and helping children by establishing the Andre Agassi Foundation. He tells us about his life and how he overcame his relationships and other struggles to finally reach the summit. The book delves into his final days on the professional circuit and the pain he faced while he was playing. Agassi tells us about his best friend and godfather in his career Gil Reyes and how he turned him into a strong and muscular man fit to compete with the best on tour.

2. Rafa: my story

Rafael Nadal, undoubtedly one of the best players in the history of the game of tennis, shares his story in this wonderful book co-authored by John Carlin. He tells his inspiring moments when he won the U-12 title being only eight years old and also his days as a youngster learning life the tennis way. He tells us about the food that he likes to gorge on, what all does his practise consist of and how he trains to become a champion. Nadal reminisces on his life as a young boy in Spain, and how his uncle Toni shaped him into the fine player that he is today. He tells us about his passion for football and how he had to make a decision between football and tennis. Inspired by his uncles, who were sportsmen themselves one of them even played for FC Barcelona, Nadal took up the sport. He trained day in and day out to become the player that we see today. He never missed a single of his practice sessions and even took to sweeping the court.

The Spaniard’s behaviour on court today is all an accumulation of good moral values taught to him by his uncle and coach, of whom he speaks very highly, explaining what a big influence Toni Nadal has had in his life and career and why he would never change the team. He also writes about his quest to beat Roger Federer to clinch the Wimbledon title after losing in the finals twice in a row. He writes about his relationships with his family and his girlfriend who are a constant pillar of support to him. Nadal’s extraordinary grit and talent makes the book extremely inspiring and motivational. A must read for all Rafa fans and for those who are inspired by the champion.

3. Serve to win- Novak Djokovic

Serve to Win by World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, tells us about the tricks and diet that helped the tennis champion reach the summit. It tells us about his strict diet plan and recipes that made him get that edge that he needed to become the best in the world. It also tells his life story when he was a kid of 6 and saw Pete Sampras lifting the Wimbledon trophy and how from then onwards he started his quest to hold that trophy in his hands one day. It tells us the story of how he used to play while hearing the sounds of bombs and fighter planes in Serbia during the war. He tells us about his life when he was a boy playing in Belgrade and was discovered by Jelena Jencic who thought that he was the next Serbian superstar. He explains how he loved to eat pizza and then one fine day he got to know that it was responsible for making him withdraw from matches. He tells us about how he changed his diet after taking the Gluten test and that made all the difference. He has also explained the various sets of exercises that he does to stay fit.

4. Queen of the court- Serena Williams

In this book Serena Williams arguably one of the greatest in the sports history tells her story as a child who was born to just play tennis. How her parents, especially her father nurtured her to win the number of Grand Slams that she has won today. It tells the story of hope, determination, desire and passion for the game of tennis. Serena tells us about the most memorable experiences of her life and also gives us an insight into the worst lows in her career. She not just inspires us to go for our best but gives us the confidence to do whatever we like doing and doing that well. She tells us about how she was always thought of as just a sister to the best player in the world and never given as much recognition as Venus and how that made her always fight for that top spot. She tells us about her amazing relationship with her parents and her sisters especially Venus whom she considered to be a role model.

5. Jimmy Conners: the outsider

Reading problems, an obsessive compulsive disorder, a fascination with gambling and a habit of winning. Jimmy Connors reveals the good, bad and the ugly of a prolific Tennis career and explains how he dealt with his addictions. The Outsider features some of the most startling revelations of his personal and professional life in a way few would imagine. Right from the Chris Evert saga to his marriage with a former Playboy model, the book has it all. Jimbo offers little introspection, tells it like it was and shows no regret in everything that once defined his lifestyle. The book is an account of the alpha-male spirit of his tennis career.

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