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Triple H vs Vince McMahon – The differences in running WWE

In this article, we will take a look at Triple H vs Vince McMahon and their differences in running WWE. Vince McMahon was a one man show and for 40 years he made WWE to what it is today.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 29.08.2022
Triple H vs Vince McMahon

I have wanted to do this article for a long time ever since Triple H took control of WWE creative and was the Head of Talent and as well and Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were made Co-CEOs of WWE when Vince McMahon had to retire from WWE due to a scandal which first broke out in the Wall Street Journal a few months ago where it was said that Vince paid multiple women money to buy their silence in exchange for something. Then the site published a detailed report saying $12 million was paid to 4 women. Later on WWE themselves said that there are $20 million accounted as personal expenses of Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon was a one man show and for 40 years he made WWE to what it is today. He was a genius and a brilliant one at that. He made professional wrestling into a viable commodity but it was time for him to go and for a new vision to take over. Vince McMahon now can rest at home and watch his family run WWE along with Nick Khan. I am excited for this new era and we will talk about the differences between the new regime and Vince McMahon.

Engaging with Talent

This is the major difference between this new regime and the old one. The old regime thought that talents are there to serve them and they did not care about their feelings and released meot happening without any reason. And the major difference with Triple H is that all were free agents who were released before Triple H has brought back and given them better stories and engaged with them at a personal level. He first brought back Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky then Karrion Kross and Scarlett then Dexter Lumis then Hit Row and many more will return at Clash at the Castle.

Making the titles feel more important

Vince McMahon did not value titles like the US Championship or the Intercontinental Championship or the Women’s tag team titles that much and that upset a lot Of the talent who worked hard for it to be important. In the new regime till now it is clear that Triple H as Head of Creative wants to put a focus on all the titles especially the United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship and the Women’s tag team titles. That is great to see and it makes all the titles feel more important.

Giving freedom to Wrestlers

This is a 2 in 1 topic. Vince McMahon had little freedom to his talent and they had to follow a script and say everything they had to and there was little scope for improving. The new regime under Triple H has given more freedom to the talent that they can improvise and tell their story they want to and make it feel real and you will read that I said wrestlers and not sports entertainers because wrestling and Wrestlers is not a bad word in WWE again as Triple H daud that they can use it and Drew McIntyre used it in a brilliant way in Raw. The talent loves working for a boss who gives them freedom and respects them .

Listening to fans more

This is perhaps the biggest difference that will happen once the new regime has taken over. The fans will be heard more as Triple H is on social media and he sees what the fans want and also in the arenas the fans are vocal as to who they like and don’t like and Triple H can pivot accordingly. A good example is Ronda Rousey, Triple H listened to the fans as they wanted a badass woman and when he gave them that Ronda the fans cheered for her. And now the fans will be more open about their opinions and give WWE ways to improve their product.

Selling more tickets and better ratings

This is a difference that I thought would take time to happen but the impact is immediate. The ratings for Raw and SmackDown are back over 2 million and some of the episodes are touching 2.5 million viewers in the USA. This will only increase as more and more people see that WWE is on a better path once again and ticket sales are also a major difference. The tickets for all the events are getting more in demand. The Clash at the Castle PPV in the UK will sell close to 75,000 tickets and recently WrestleMania 39 tickets went on sale and WWE have already sold more than 100,000 tickets for both nights which is an all time record. A better product means better ratings and more tickets which means more money for WWE so everybody wins.

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