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MJF and Adam Cole story has been incredible for AEW

The best story going on in AEW has been the MJF and Adam Cole story. This story has come out of nowhere and it has captured the hearts of all the fans.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 25.09.2023
MJF and Adam Cole story

The best story going on in AEW has been the story between MJF and Adam Cole. This story has come out of nowhere and it has captured the hearts of all the fans. The organic chemistry between the 2 and the friendship that they have shown has been really amazing to watch. AEW needed a strong story because the WWE has the Bloodline story and that story was doing wonders for them. This has been going on for 3 months and it will come to a head at All In when they face each other for the AEW World Championship.

Let’s talk about why MJF and Adam Cole story story has worked so well for AEW

MJF and Adam Cole story was organic and not forced down the throats

Organic Storytelling is the best form of storytelling in wrestling. The fans are smart these days as they figure out which story is organic and which ones are being shoved down their throats. The MJF and Adam Cole story was something that was not in the Plans for months in AEW and when it started it was supposed to be a short term thing. However, the fans resonated with them, firstly MJF trying to win over Adam Cole and Adam being cautious of the champion. The people related to that because everyone has a friend that does that. Slowly the bond between the 2 started to grow and the fans got more invested in this story. 

At the start this was just a story of friendship and MJF and Adam Cole displayed the perfect emotions for this story to work. They went shopping together which was awkward for the both of them and the highlight was them both playing the AEW Fight Forever game. Adam Cole is a gamer but it was hilarious seeing MJF trying to play for his friend Adam Cole. Another big highlight was the birthday celebration of Adam Cole that MJF had on AEW Dynamite and it was the best birthday celebration since Mick Foley hosted a party for The Rock all those decades ago. MJF sang for Adam Cole and the crowd was eating it up. These kinds of stories are rare in wrestling, friendship between 2 Top superstars being so entertaining.

The last time this happened was between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens in 2016 and 17. Kevin Owens was the Universal Champion and Chris Jericho was his best friend and they were absolutely incredible. Chris Jericho had a list that he used to write the names of people down whom he did not like and Kevin Owens was at his comedic best. And MJF and Adam Cole have started showing some dissention between the 2, they will face each other in the main event of the biggest wrestling show ever AEW All In and they will have a banger of a match and the hope is that they do not turn on each other, just go their separate ways as gentlemen like Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes went their separate ways but they do not have any beef between them. This will open up the possibility of MJF and Adam Cole coming back together in the future if need be.

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