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The Hardik Pandya Transfer Saga

In this article find out about The Hardik Pandya Transfer Saga. The end result of all of this saga is Hardik Pandya will be going back to Mumbai Indians.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 27.11.2023
The Hardik Pandya Transfer Saga

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This IPL window has easily been the most chaotic in the last many years. And the biggest reason for this is Hardik Pandya. The captain of Gujarat Titans who has been rumored to be going back to Mumbai Indians in an all cash deal. This transfer saga was just like what happens in European Football with clubs trying to sell the players to the other and there is a deadline day. The IPL has been missing this from the start and this saga has brought the drama of franchise sports. 

Let’s talk about the Hardik Pandya transfer saga 


Hardik Pandya is going back to Mumbai Indians

The end result of all of this is Hardik Pandya will be going back to Mumbai Indians. Now to get here there have been a lot of obstacles to go through. If reports are to be believed, Hardik had communicated to Gujarat Titans that he should be given more share from the advertisement revenue that the team gets and the franchise told him no directly. Then he started talking to Mumbai Indians about the same deal and they agreed to getting him back and giving him more share from the advertisement revenue. Gujarat Titans were hesitant about this trade deal at first and this all took place before the Asia Cup and the World Cup and they did not want to lose their captain and their star all rounder.

However after the World Cup where Hardik Pandya got injured , Gujarat Titans thought that it would be preferable for them if they let him go so they agreed to this deal. Although Mumbai Indians got confused because Rohit Sharma played so well throughout the World Cup and they did not want to antagonize their biggest ever player. Gujarat Titans had Shubman Gill who is ready to take over captaincy from Hardik Pandya. Then the day to announce the retention came and it was almost certain that Hardik Pandya was going to Mumbai Indians. And the fans of Mumbai Indians were getting happy that they were getting their star player back. 

However, without any last minute drama this situation would have been very predictable as it was officially announced that Hardik Pandya was going nowhere and Gujarat Titans have retained him. This send shockwaves around the cricketing world as the situation had flipped on its head. And Mumbai Indians fans started to lose hope but then again it all flipped again as it was reported by Cricbuzz that Hardik Pandya has been traded to Mumbai Indians. The reporters who had reported this news since days got the last laugh. The story got even more interesting as it was later confirmed once again by Cricbuzz that Cameron Green has been traded from Mumbai Indians to Royal Challengers Bangalore for 17.5 crore in an all cash deal. This gave Mumbai Indians the money to get back Hardik Pandya and secure 15 crores for the auction. It will be interesting to see who becomes the new captain of Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma or Hardik Pandya. And how will Cameron Green help the RCB middle order

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