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Top 5 WWE superstars with most SummerSlam appearances

SummerSlam is one of 4 biggest shows of the year and it has been going on for close to 35 years. Here we take a look at the top 5 WWE superstars with most SummerSlam appearances.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 20.02.2022
WWE superstars with most SummerSlam appearances

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SummerSlam is one of 4 biggest shows of the year and it has been going on for close to 35 years and many generations of WWE superstars have competed at this big event and made a name for themselves and went forward in their careers as a result. There have been SummerSlam legends like The Undertaker, Randy Orton, John Cena etc who have competed many times at this event and entertained the fans a lot over the years.

Out of the hundreds of WWE superstars who have competed at SummerSlam over the years, getting in the Top 5 list is a very rare feat to achieve and it requires longevity and being at the Top of your game for many years to come. Six let’s see which are the Top 5 WWE superstars with most SummerSlam appearances

1. Randy Orton (16 appearances and counting): 


Even though Randy Orton is tied with the Undertaker at 16 appearances it is most likely that he will wrestle a combined more than 20 times in his career. His win loss record is not an enviable one to say the least , out of the 16 matches he has wrestled till now he has won 8 matches and lost 7 matches with 1 no result to his name. Some of the big matches he has had at SummerSlam include against Sheamus, Drew McIntyre and last year he and Riddle won the Raw Tag Team titles on that show and now Randy Orton has said that he wants to wrestle till the time he is 50 years old so he will wrestle in 8-9 more SummerSlam events in the future as well.


2. The Undertaker (16 Appearances): 

The Undertaker is one superstar who has had a lot of matches at every big show in WWE History because he has had a 30 year career and he has been at the top of the WWE for all this time. Throughout his career, he has wrestled in 16 SummerSlam matches; his win loss record is much better than Randy as he won 10 matches at the show and lost 5 Matches as well. Some of the Undertaker's matches at SummerSlam are against Brock Lesnar, Edge, etc. He is an the GOAT in many people’s eyes


3. John Cena (15 SummerSlam appearances): 

The third WWE superstar on this illustrious list is none other than the franchise player of WWE for over a decade and a half, John Cena. He has had a total of 15 matches at SummerSlam and his win loss record at the show is horrendous as he has only won 5 our of 15 matches and lost 10 others. His most recent match at this big show was against Roman Reigns for the universal championship which he lost. Hope we see him again in the future as well.


4. Edge (14 appearances and counting): 

The superstar with the most impressive win loss record at SummerSlam is Edge who had had 14 matches at the show over the years and he has won a staggering 12 matches out of 14 and only lost the two matches which shows how consistent he was at this show. Since coming back, Edge had a great match at lady year’s SummerSlam against Seth Rollins which he won and extended his impressive winning record. It is most likely that we will see 2 more matches of his at future SummerSlam events.


5. Triple H (13 appearances and counting): 

The fifth superstar on this list is The Game Triple H as he has wrestled 13 Matches at this huge show over the years. His win-loss record at this event is impressive as he has won 8 out of the 13 matches he has had in this event and only lost 5 Matches. His matches against Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels and others were great classics and it is unlikely that we will see him compete at another SummerSlam event in the future.


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